Shop Name Shop Address
Mvog-Ada One hundred meters from Pakita Junction
Mballa 2 One hundred meters from REGIE Junction
Mendong In front of Fokou Medong
Nsam In front of “Garantie Express”
Mvan In front of Finex Agency, site called “visite technique”
Mvog-Ada 2 In front of regional delegation of fees
Ngousso 2 Near of Express Union
Elig-Edzoa After Shell Elig-Edzoa
Ngousso In front of Oil Lybia Station
Melen In front of Polytechnique School
Acacia Front of Acacia Market
Etoudi Inside of Etoudi Market
Mvog-Mbi Between Mvog-Mbi junction and TOTAL Station


Shop Name Shop Address
Garoua “Foulbere”, boulevard Lamido Hayatou
Pompoure At exit of the town, near of CANAL SAT
Yelwa Crossroads “fédéral”, close to pharmacy “Etoile”

North West

Shop Name Shop Address
Bamenda Commercial avenue, after the main market
Bamenda 2 Nkewn, cow street
Shop Name Shop Address
Kumbo Banks avenue, near of Fokou

Far North

Shop Name Shop Address
Kousséri TOTAL junction


Shop Name Shop Address
Bafoussam Auberges junction, in front of Backary
Bafoussam 2 Tamdja, chieftaincy entry
Shop Name Shop Address
Dschang Rondo junction
Shop Name Shop Address
Bangangté Town center discrit 1, in front of “Place des fêtes”
Shop Name Shop Address
Mbouda On the highway Bamenda – Bafoussam, in front of CCA
Shop Name Shop Address
Koutaba Tayendi junction at 100 meters of the market

South West

Shop Name Shop Address
Mutengene In front of Quiferou, before Buea-Limbe junction
Shop Name Shop Address
Buéa In front of “Saint-Claire” hotel
Shop Name Shop Address
Kumba Near of COGENI inside of the market


Shop Name Shop Address
Bertoua Dabadi junction , near of Universel Hotel


Shop Name Shop Address
Akwa Front of MTN Commercial Direction
Nkololoun Entrance of Nkololoun market
Bonabéri In front of commercial bank
Brazzaville In front of Saint Marthe Collège
Sable In front of Quifeurou, before the new road
Double Balle Junction Double Balle, inside of the market
Mobile Guiness In front of the Petrol Station
Village Angel Building in front of “Entrée Lycée”
Cité des Palmiers Before the junction in the market “Cité des Palmiers”
PK 14 Near Petrol Station CMI
Coaf Near of Bakery Coaf
Mallah One hundred meter from junction “Boulangerie de la paix”
Missoke Inside of Missoke Market
Nyalla 300 hundred meter from railway, Near EMI Money
Logpom Endem junction
Elf “Axe Lourd Elf”
Yassa In front of Tradex Yassa
Grand Canyon Near of SGBC
Bonamoussadi Near of public school of Bonamoussadi
3 morts Crossroads called “3 morts”
Carrefour 8e Crossroads called “8e”, district “Dakar”
Logbaba Between TOTAL Station and GULFIN Station
Entrée billes On the turn around call “entrée billes” (going to Village)
Shop Name Shop Address
Edéa In front of the station
Shop Name Shop Address
Nkongsamba In the city center in front of the “Parthenon” Bakery
Shop Name Shop Address
Melong In front of the gendarmerie of Melong


Shop Name Shop Address
Ngaoundéré Town center, in front of Bakery “Town center”
Shop Name Shop Address
Meiganga Crossroads “central”, close to the “Préfecture”